For the actual rates please check our price list.

For your dental hygiene treatment you may receive partial or total restitution depending on your (additional) dental insurance . We suggest that your check your insurance policy for details.

We prefer you pay the bill by bank card (no credit card!) directly after the consult. You will receive a specification for the insurance company.

It’s also possible to get the bill at home from our factoring company “Uw Nota”. For questions about payment and/or deferred payment we ask you to contact www.uwnota.nl.

You can also call "Uw Nota" for general questions: 0900-4636633 (0,10 ct per minute)
For a copy of your original invoice: 0900-5050303 (0,50 ct per minute)



Monday to friday from 8:15-18:00 h.
Zaterdag from 9:00-13:00 h.


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